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Apart from the location, the main advantage and characteristics of our hotel is the family atmosphere. It was a conscious and thought decision „We spent a lot of time gaining experience in the Alps, in German and Austrian hotel. The model of family management used there took our fancy. We are for the guests every day and constant contact with them is the most important for us because it allows us to improve the quality of our service and it ensures us that we do well in our job”
– says the nestor, Krzysztof Starzyński. When in 1990 we opened this hotel, it was called „Starex”, we had two stars and everything on our head. Now the hotel is called “Starzynski” and has 4 stars. Ewa and Krzysztof Starzyńscy, the founders, are in charge of the hotel and the manager of the hotel is their son, Piotr Starzyński. Their daughter, Olga Starzyńska-Titow, is in charge of everything and indicates the direction of the hotel development. Her woman’s improvements can be seen everywhere. Not only the SPA is the apple in her eye, but also the comfort of the guests and ecology and environment protection in the hotel’s surroundings. “We work so the guest had the comfort of a clean room, good food, hygienic SPA and the nature didn’t suffer at the same time. A good example of our care for ecology can be waste segregation, exchange of all the light bulbs into the eco type ones and our own station of water treatment with filters” – she adds. 

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