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duck a 'la Napoleon
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The chef’s speciality

The history of a duck a'la Napoleon.

This could be like that! When in 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte moved to the east cleaning Polish land from the Moscals, he stayed for one night in Plock. The city was destroyed at that time and the host didn’t have anything to entertain him with. He paid his last money and bought few ducks from a Jewish man and he decided to bake them. He was so excited about his quest that he mistook the bottles and instead of oil he used red wine. The mistake couldn’t be hidden but the Emperor liked the sauce. He appreciated refinement in simplicity but as he visited Płock never after, he got a receipt before he left. A new dish became famous and since that time great guests coming to Płock, ordered the duck a ‘la Napoleon.

Believe it or not! You have to try!

We invite you to Kazimierz for a chicken, and to the Starzynski Hotel in Płock for a duck a ‘la Napoleon! 

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